Sunday, August 30, 2009

WAD Manager - LAN Edition v1.0

If you find any bugs, please let me know (Submit Defects Notifications).

* service installer
* more error checks
* setup client IP automatically

* config file check
* directory navigation
* drives navigation
* remember last directory
* PC server as a windows service

* performance improvement
* config file created (server ip)

* initial version (not released)
* install/uninstall WADs from a single directory


  1. Awesome dudes!!! I'll be helping telling you about bugs...

  2. man, but i have a doubt??? Anyone can acces to my pc from the wadmanager or how it works?

  3. i didn't configure any ip... but it works, how it detected the ip of my wii???

  4. 1) No, the server is in your local network.
    2) It is not your console's IP, it is your PC's IP! After you installed, it detected your PC IP and configured it automatically on config.ini! I mean, it is your Wii accessing your PC and not vice-versa!

  5. thanks i was worried, however i was meditating that it only can acces wad files so it's not a big problem... lol

    And dude I already made a wad file for the wad manager lan edition... Is there a problem if I post it in ???

  6. Yes, because it won't work without the "windows part"! ;)

    The WAD/ELF/DOL alone will not work!

  7. Works perfect! Running Wii 3.2E, Windows 7 Ultimate, Linksys WAG54G2 router.
    Install was MUCH faster than from SD card.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  8. GREAT!
    Tell your friends about it! =)

  9. Would you think about setting a base directory in the server configuration? I have 1000's of files and folders on my pc... even if its only a starting point... like c:\downloads\wii

    thanks :)

  10. Sniper,
    It stores the last directory used, the next time it will not open the "Drives List"

    You can also set the starting point by changing the config.ini file. Set the current_dir to the desired directory.


  11. I didn't realize that... thanks!

  12. I posted the wad, but specify tht needs the hole package and posted the link to this blog... Are you agree?

  13. it get this error when i'm installing wad files: "ret (-2011)" what's wrong ? please help :)

  14. pind,
    which game is it?
    please inform the exact name of the file so I can find it and test it here!

    or you could send me the file as an attachment using the "Submit Defects Notifications" link at the right side of the page!

    thanks for the feedback!

  15. pind,
    thanks for the file! i will check what is wrong!

    one more thing, could you please try to install this file using the old method? (copy to sd:\wad folder)

    please let me know if it works!

  16. It worked as expected. Its really fast downloading. :)

    Just one improvement: support holding up/down when scrolling the DIRs. Now you have to click,click,click... Apart from that is perfect.

    Windows XP SP3 + NetGear CBVG834G + Wii Menu 4.1E

  17. groo,
    thanks! it might be on the next version!

  18. rhaige:

    the old method won't work either. .
    i have opdated my wii system to 4.1E, and have nothing installed exept HBC, and i still get the same error ! please help me out, i'm new into this :)

  19. ping,
    Are you the same person that is talking to me on youtube?

    As the old method doesn't work, it is clearly not a problem with the LAN Edition. Did you try other WAD files? Do they work?

  20. rhaige
    no i'm not talking to you on youtube !

    i get the same error with all wad files !
    anything i need to install before it will work ?

  21. pind,
    how did you update your wii? if you updated it through nintendo or through a game disc, that might be the problem!

    there is a bug called trucha sign which is used to sign these kind of games, you probably fixed this bug when you updated it!

  22. Added a ticket to bugs ;)
    I know I can change the current_dir in config file but WM should return to a base directory if the current_dir isn't found.
    Anyways, check ticket... and Thank you again.

  23. piosko,
    You are right! It should be fixed on the next version!

  24. dude sorry some asholes published your app saying that i released it... I will tell them that it was you... sorry, i will explain that i only made a wad file...

    I just wanted to tell everyboady about your app, i wasn't trying to givem any credit... I will try to fix all...

  25. I already did it... I hope they change it...

    And, again, sorry... I didn't wanted to stole the credits or something like that, and for my bad english (my primary lenguage is spanish)

  26. Any way to get rid of the use of config.ini? If you managed to include everything necessary (like IP) in the boot.dol, I could load via wiiload and never touch an SD card.

    For me, the real inconvenience is relying on SD at all, not just for the wads...

  27. nate11000,
    you would have to take the source code and build /compile it for your IP!

    this SD procedure should be done only once!

  28. i dont see any documentation on how to set this up.
    wheres the config file? its not in the apps folder.

    when i load the program as is it locks up my wii and requires a shutdown.

    the ip is setup fine during install, but the firewall thing fails.

    where can i find all this information?

  29. the config file is inside the wmlan folder, together with the dol file...

    you must open port 5000 on your firewall for wmlan!

  30. I got an error! (ret=-101) during checking of config file. Any advise

  31. did you edit the config file manually? this error happens when the file is not on unix format!

    when you save the file, you must leave it on unix format!

  32. Also getting a ret=-101 error, I didn't touch the config file at all.

  33. No, it doesn't work with SMB. You must install everything.

  34. Sick it works good thanks alot for this release!

  35. Really thanks!!

    Very helpful and nice this homebrew! =D